Searching for a Unique female vocal to record one song


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Searching for a unique female vocal to record one song. Possibly more later, but for now just one song. The artist known as HALSEY would be a perfect example of a vocal tone and style that is unique. Not looking for a HALSEY clone by any means. Just a unique youthful sounding female vocal that can sing lead and backing vocals with style, on pitch and with confidence preferably in the Los Angeles area. We are going to start recording the music for the song at the beginning of April, and we are thinking of cutting the vocals towards the end of April if we can find the right vocal for the track. You will be compensated for your time and talent no worries there. We can talk about that at a later time, but you WILL get paid, unless you don't too!! Lol!! just kidding! I hope you are out there in LA somewhere. If you are and you think you fit description and have a demo of some sort to prove it then please get in touch and drop me a line and we will take it from there. Thanks

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