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I am a 52 year old Grandmother that is set to released the hit single (“ What Am I Gonna Wear Today”) to raise money for Female inmates! This song will clearly become an ear-worm. With the follow up re-mix featuring the Platinum Selling Group “95 South”, which will surely take this Song to the top of the charts. ACO also known as Anita came up with the concept while going to the Jails and Prisons conducting her Self-Esteem program she notice that all of the women were dressed the same but their Hair was different. I am looking for someone to help me create a high quality video in NYC. August 23rd & 24th for the remix version. The O I have some other celebrity guest that's going to appear in the video. I don't have a big budget everyone is donating their time. You will receive credits. What do I want? To build a facility when inmates are released, they can Organically transition home. This is a great opportunity to help a great cause and be apart of a ground breaking song. Check out the song on the page. The video will be released along with the song on June 28th 2019. Thank You In Advance Peace

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