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Inspired Indie Music Producer seeks creative Female singer for EP project

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Inspired Indie Music Producer seeks creative Female singer for EP project

Hi, my name is Keith. I'm a multi genre music producer. Currently gigging music festivals & clubs like 51st State and House of Silk with a garage act I produce. I'm signed to (film/tv) music publishers with my hip-hop, r&b and dance projects and I'm signed to a sub label of Sony for my indie dance work. (I say this to show this opportunity with the right partner has the chance to be successful.) I produce four very talented unique artists in multi genres & I rap too when I'm in the mood Lol. I've produced a 4 track EP that has a genre of its on but also fits with current trends in Indie rock/Alternative/trip hop etc.. I'm searching for a Black Female singer to partner with for vocals and the videos. This project will also be pitched for Film/Tv/Games placements. I have video and costume ideas that we will discuss, bounce ideas off each other until we are both happy. I have a record label in place for this project with world wide distribution included. I also have specialist promotion ready. What am I looking for in a music partner? That's a toughy. Essentially a creative artist comfortable in their ability as a performer (video & stage). London based and has vocal arrangement ideas. I'm listing female artists as examples of reference but what I'm really looking for is an original, creative, talented artist not a clone! Tina Turner, Skunk Anansi, Grace Jones, FKA Twigs, Tracy Chapman Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest. Lastly my profile Music gateway profile has tracks in multi genres... nothing like the this project.. If you check them out use them as a Production skill reference only.

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