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Project Owner: Lingumusic

Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

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Time Remaining: 194d 13h


Lots of artists make great songs, but may be in need of a catchy hook to set it apart from the rest. That is what we do here. If you have an instrumental, or a chorus that needs that melody, this is the service for you. - Do you have lyrics, but want to put it into a hook/verse melody? - Are you a label or publisher, and want your vocalists to work with a melody maker? Often, we create a draft melody for artists, and let them work from there. Other times, we would shape the lyrics into a melody, and send to you to use in your own way. We do occasionally draft in our session singers to actually record the vocal hook for the songs, and send you .wav or .aiff file. Alternatively, we work with singers or artists to shape the melody and lyrics together. Finally, we mix stems, add the bells and whistles, and give it a nice demo master. Get in touch, Thanks, Spritely

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