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I, Kris Shades, am a music producer who is looking for a Singer to work with who is based in the Midlands preferably. Let me tell you a bit more about my history. 'I Haven't Told You Everything' - see below - is a track that I achieved my first success with in the music industry as it was played on VIVA Music Channel, BBC Radio as well as numerous Hollyoaks episodes (Clip below). 'Break up the Silence' was recorded with 2014 Junior Eurovision sensation Sophia Patsalides of Cyprus. It has over 75k streams on Spotify where it can be heard on the following link: Another song called 'Make It Happen' (see below) was recorded with 2013 X Factor Bulgaria Finalist and TV series star Ana-Maria Yanakieva. Now I'm looking to release my new pop single and would like to record that track with particularly female vocals in mind.

Video Reference

Kris Shades feat. Széles Iza - I Haven't Told You Everything - Official Music Video
Sophia Patsalides, Kris Shades - Break up the Silence (Official Music Video)
Ana Maria, Kris Shades - Make It Happen

Audio Reference

Kris Shades - Make It Happen

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