Vocalist and Lyricist Needed


Project Owner: KOMBmusic

Project Type: Hire People & Services

Budget: £50 - £100

Pitching Period:

Time Remaining:


£50-£100 PER TRACK I'm looking for a Vocalist and Lyricist to work with in completing a number full vocal versions of instrumental tracks I've produced over the last year. I have 40 to 50 tracks that need vocals to increase marketability. Track lengths vary greatly from 1:30 up to over 4 minutes and vocal styles from all backgrounds are welcome. This is work for hire, no royalties or shares and my budget is £50-£100 per track. This can be negotiated depending on what you can bring to the table. You will be credited on any and all tracks you work on. I Compose and Produce a mix between Electronic, Ambient, Synthwave, Orchestral, Classical, New Age, Alternative, Post Rock and more. Not so much Hip-Hip or Urban but if you've got something you think will work on my tracks then let me know. I've worked with Labels such as Methodic Doubt Music. My music is constantly forwarded to Music Supervisors, Labels and Publishers. Tracks can be remixed to suit vocal arrangements. Please submit examples or send links to previous work. Visit my website karllane.com to hear examples of my work.

Audio Reference

Komb - Celeste 1
Komb - Rapture (Instrumental)
Komb - Flood wav-002
Isolate master
Komb - Apex master00
Drive master
Construct master
Pressure master-001
Calm master
Flight master
Modulate master
Peace master
Cave master
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 03 - 12 12 17
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 01 - A Matter Of Pride
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 04 - Raven
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 02 - The Curse
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 01 - A Matter Of Pride (Instrumental)
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 02 - The Curse (Instrumental)
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 03 - 12 12 17 (Instrumental)
Komb - Pride (Remastered) - 04 - Raven (Instrumental)

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