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MODELS in CINEMA - musical "STARZ AIN'T NEONS". Filming issue.

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MODELS in CINEMA - musical "STARZ AIN'T NEONS". Filming issue.

Thinking about MODELS, young and of an obviously adventurous life, I had a glimpse inside the threat (f.ex. Weinstein case), and how dangerous it is to show up in public arousing interest by the means of beauty. The double LP-album "STARZ AIN'T NEONS" is the SOUNDTRACK proposed for filming with real models, actresses, to show the real adventure, lifetime and threat in form of an amazing, deep, clever musical movie. I await modeling agancies, film producers and filming companies to apply for this project. Wouldn't we like to beat the old masterpiece "HAIR", an issue about a generation? It is showbiz, it is no shop, no neon invitation, except the way we're given it. Let's give an immortal truth!

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