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www.mixing-online.co.uk - You have a top-notch production. I have the skill-set, pro studio, and analogue gear (Neve, API, Manley, Prism) to deliver that commercial major label mix and master sound for your music. 15 year's experience, credits include Grammy Award Winning Producer Greg Lawson and the Bullets production team who I'm currently mixing for. I pride myself in great customer satisfaction with upfront and ongoing communication. Get in touch today, lets discuss your new project. Get more Spotify streams, YouTube video plays, and iTunes downloads! Dedicated mixing engineers will work on all the top chart hits, the best way to get a truly professional sound. You can have this too for your songs and at affordable prices. Get a mix & master from an unbiased ear, with expert equalization, compression, sidechaining, enhancing, adding ambience/reverb, and many other pro audio mixing techniques.

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