Seeking USA/west coast-based producer/mix engineer for indie/psych-rock/electronic music, $60/hour


Project Owner: zanderchocron

Project Type: Hire People & Services

Budget: $80+

Pitching Period:

Time Remaining:


Artist: Lomon Price/Budget: $80/hr Looking For: - USA west coast-based indie/psych-rock/electronic music mixing engineer with experience in production. - Based in Seattle (or surrounding areas such as the west coast of US) - Possible opportunity for a long term mix engineer (if the creative relationship is good). About Me: I often dream of exploring the universe and uncovering deep mysteries of reality, which is reflected in my lyrics. I want to encourage deep thought about the nature of existence as a way of finding meaning in it. Musically, I’m especially influenced by The Beatles, Pond, Thundercat and Tame Impala. I’ve got a song on Spotify ( I tend to write music inspired by science-fiction. I am most influenced by these stories: If you vibe with those stories, bands, and live in my area, we’ll be a good match :)

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