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Are you an emerging pop artist?

Soundprise works with indie artists who are looking to find and develop a unique cross-genre POP sound (indie-pop, pop/rock, pop/soul, pop/rnb, hip-pop). We help our artists activate their identity and brand – as well as provide methods to market themselves to their chosen niche, so they can discover their fan base. Finally, our strongest value is the ability to nurture their artist growth and career.

Soundprise is an online production platform that supports, inspires and nurtures the next-generation of artists.

Being an artist in the new age of the music industry is difficult, especially if you’re independent – like the 99% of us. Fact. An artist has to deal with many different sectors of their career: music, branding, marketing, social media, gaining fans, monetizing music, finance, business and the list goes on. No wonder most artists either repeat the same mistakes, looping around and never getting anywhere with their music; or even worse, they quit.

And that’s where Soundprise comes in. Our mission is simple – to guide and equip the next-generation of artists with information and practical steps they need to take, in order to survive in the music industry.

We want to be a part of their journey. We want to help them realize their potential and rid themselves of self-doubt. To help them express their truth and legacy through music.  To guide them into making it in the music industry – and sustaining that reality.  We don’t promise our clients we can take them from point A, to point Z – but we can guarantee to take them from point A, to point B. That, Soundprise can do. Support. Inspire. Nurture the next-generation of artists.

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