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Relocating my Analog Post-Prod Studio advice needed

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Relocating my Analog Post-Prod Studio advice needed

Hello! Happy New Year. I am looking for some advice regarding a studio I would like to relocate to start a Publishing House/ Commercial Studio let. A bit about me: I am a classically trained composer with a degree from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, I am 26 and from South West London. I am looking to relocate an analog studio I have to either central, south west or west London in a secure commercial space, (preferably 1000+ sq ft). I am also looking for a partner who either has a space or legal expertise. As I am contributing my kit - Neve Desk, Dolby kit, Tannoys, lots of hardware, Studer Tape machines, instruments, etc... I would like to find somebody who is looking to start a commercial business venture. I would like to get some more info on an investor, commercial landlord or others who are looking to start a similar venture and have some capital like myself. Please do get in touch with any advice and/ or help. Thanks so much. Han. Email:

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