Westcoast Rapper From Bentley Records looking for Producer


Project Owner: Don-Eyekon

Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period: CLOSED

Time Remaining: CLOSED


Hi! Wassup? My name is Johan. 32 years old, been rapping since 97 but was a long time ago I actually had a deal and dropped singels Im currently blowing up and I need to have my own producer that can produce 90s hiphop REAL HIPHOP Cause that Is what I am all about! Taking hiphop back You can always reach me on my email! My social media is in there, listen to my song. I hope you like it! If you are the producer im looking for. Im prepared to sign with 30% royaltys. 40 % if you come on tour and 50% if you join me on everything, tours, trips, meetings, and so on and on. A rapper could be nice as well as long all wanna create a group and go both group albums and solo! Pm me for info ! HERE Social media is just for my songs Love Loyalty and Respect! Best Regards / Johan The Don @BentleyRecords #BentleyGang @Bentleyrecordseurope #BentleyRecords #BentleyWorldWide www.bentley-music.com https://www.soundcloud.com/doneyekon

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