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Need Word Building? Get a Lyricist!

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Need Word Building? Get a Lyricist!

Do you need a good lyricist? I’m interested in working with professional established productions and possibly some upcoming artists who I can relate to – if you’re in need of lyrics in a darker tone, feel free to get in touch.

I’m pretty neck-deep in our own production, so I’m understandably not currently offering full vocals/toplines of my/our own material. None the less I have many good lyrics that I am very proud of, but I’m not realistically going to use them all. It would be nice to see them placed with a talented home!

I’d also be willing to write lyrics to fit a certain theme, mood or atmosphere for the right artist or production. I’m also open to taking on projects where (for example) you’re missing a second verse, needing a bit of external input, or a fixer. What I tend to write is in an accessible but darker key. I’m keen on world-building, storytelling and dark humour.  

None the less, challenge me! I love writing lyrics, and I’m open to taking on a new theme or going on a bit of a lyrical adventure.


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