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Boombap Producer for big project wanted!

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Boombap Producer for big project wanted!

Hi! Im Don Eyekon! 
I have Created a rap group called The Hoodlum OG's. We had 3 members but today the producer was kicked out for lying. That is something WE DO NOT TOLERATE.

So we (Me and a Rapper from Baltimore) are looking for a producer that wanna join our crew and produce the beats we need for the group and for me as a Solo artist. 

Here are the Bios for us:

Member: is no stranger to adversity. His life has been a study in perseverance and making the best of a bad situation. He grew up on the notoriously mean streets of Baltimore. He joined the 52 HGC Crip set when he was just ten years old. He began rapping at the age of twelve and quickly proved his skill as an MC in his neighbourhood. As he honed his skills as a rapper, he also went through the trials and tribulations associated with coming of age in the early 2000’s, which gave him a treasure trove of real life subject ma(er to inform his lyrics. Inspired by The Notorious B.I.G., Easy E, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and Wu Tang Clan, He recorded his first song in2001. His first mixtape, entitled “Album name” sold 300 copies hand to hand out of the trunk of his 1998 Dodge Neon. His first album on RMR Records, “album name”, was released in 2017.

Bio for Don Eyekon:


Eyekon grew up in Gotherburg Sweden, started breakdance and rapping when he was 8. He had a troubled upbringing and at the age of 12 started doing drugs and doing crime. 2008 he left music behind. He started to work with one of the worlds biggest organized crime syndicate and ended up in prison three times. He spend 1 year and 8 months total behind bars. During this time he didn’t record any tracks but spend many night rapping at parties and social events. It took almost 13 years for the love to come back for creating music which it did 2019-12-27, he then wrote Lyrical Murder and Comeback and Created Hoodlum OG's.


Thank you for reading that. SO, we are looking for a producer that wanna join our crew, you as a producer dont need to be a real life G or try to act like it. But it's good if you know how to make that kind of beats. So here is the deal:

1. You will join Hoodlum OG's and you will actually get 33% of ALL earnings, not just royalties. ,  and promot the group throu the work you do. 

2. You don't have to give up creating beats for yourself or take outside orders

3. You do need to activly work as a producer from Hoodlums when you do other projects

4. You dont have to pay anything to the company for working with other projects.

5. You need to be valueing honesty. One lie is enough for you to forfit all rights, giving Hoodlum ownership of all your work and future payments canceled. 

6. You will need to have time to go on tour! Not this year if you don't want to. But next year you will need to follow Don Eyekon and the group on tour. 

(this year we will be touring with the label, so the labels DJ will take care of the spinning records. But you are welcome to join and still work cause we have a studio with us!)


This is a serious offer! Should you accept these terms you are Officialy a member with 33% shares of all money coming in to Don Eyekon and Hoodlum. Which means you will make more money the most producers do. 

All of the official work of Don Eyekon is demo recorded. Home studio equipment have been bought. I have distribution and marketing from a record. So music will have professional artwork, free distribution, access to to a lot of stuff. And because of this, no contract is needed between you and the label and no one is signed to a label which means we still own all our work. 

I still live in Sweden (Stockholm) but I am currently working to get my pocket money for my move to Vancouver or Toronto. I haven't decided yet but I have bough the plane ticket so I will be there Before 31 May! 

The other member's name will be given to the person/persons that are interested. He has over 100.000 streams and is an Established artist.


Let me know if you are interested and lets talk! No business should be closed with text so you will need to be able to speak! :P 


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