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Producer/Writer Looking for female vocalist and lyricist/collaborator

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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

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Producer/Writer Looking for female vocalist and lyricist/collaborator

This is a pretty crazy time across the planet Earth!  I'm grateful that I'm hunkered down with a 3000sq'ft recording studio on my property so I can keep working.  Unfortunately it's making it challenging to bring in collaborators etc, so I figured, let's do this remotely.  

 I've got a slew of tracks that are in development that I'd love to find singers and lyricists to work with to finish these ideas.  Let's talk and see if we can link up.  Pop, rock, crossover country are all in my wheel house.  

My studio is a fully equiped professional facility and I am an accomplished pianist, drummer, and guitarist as well as an engineer, producer, song-writer.  So together, we should be able to make some magic!

 I've linked a few random songs below to listen to just to sample some past work.  

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Country Pop Rock Acoustic
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