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Unreleased/Unpublished Toplines // Multiple Opportunities

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Unreleased/Unpublished Toplines // Multiple Opportunities

Writing toplines can be extremely rewarding when a deal progresses, however, it can just as disappointing when your hard work and creativity isn't used in a final release. We appreciate the effort that goes into creating toplines and don't want your hard work and creativity to go to waste!

This project is sourcing the LEAD VOCAL STEM of any unused toplines you have created. Some of our clients request toplines allowing other artists to create music based around the vocals. Of course, please only submit unused and unreleased toplines, preferably unpublished but with at least 50% publishing available - please confirm this as a file comment. Do not submit a topline if it is being used elsewhere or is on hold with an artist. 

Please include the following metadata/information

- Writer's splits (with percentages)

- BPM 

- Lyrics 


Not sure what a topline is or how to write one? All is explained in our topline article.

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