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Date Posted: 10/09/2020


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Mixing & Production Services

I'm Frank Slimm, a freelance producer, mix engineer, songwriter, beat maker and remixer from London, UK. Specialising in pop music genres, credits include Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Margot, Lorens & Alma Grace. Hit me up for anything from song starters to final mixes.


I started playing piano when I was four, drums at 11, and taught myself guitar after my father bought me my first one for my 13th birthday. I grew up on soul, funk and disco as a child before moving onto metal, hardcore and punk in my teenage years, rounding out my young adulthood with hip-hop, jazz and pop music, the latter of which takes up most of my production career today.
I'm a producer, songwriter, beatmaker and, foremost, a mix engineer. I'm looking for artists to work with to help their visions become a reality, anywhere from a very basic melodic idea, perhaps with a couple of chords strung together underneath a catchy topline, all the way to finished tracks that need a final polishing in the mix room. I can make instrumentals from reference tracks or from absolutely nothing, and I can write chord progressions for vocal ideas, or anything in between.
Everything is negotiable for the right project and the right artists. You can check out all my work on here or at and contact me through here today so we can make something great together.

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Ambient Electronica Funk Soul Pop R&B Rap Hip Hop House EDM Indie Alternative Trap Acoustic Grime
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