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Available Producer, Composer, Arranger, Multi Instrumentalist

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Date Posted: 21/09/2020


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Available Producer, Composer, Arranger, Multi Instrumentalist


I'm a music producer, composer from Turkey. 

I've been in the music industry nearly 20 years. I held various missions on that. Like electric/acoustic/bass guitar & santoor playing and singing on the stage and street, songwriting, product managing, mixing, mastering, composing, recording and arranging.

My latest music project "Cloverleaf" is an electronic music project. In this project, i invite the people to this journey who have a different perception of life, who have a problem with the spirit of the time and who belong to the past without witnessing. First episode of this journey "Summer '90", designed by blending synthwave, chillwave and ambient with the dance and arcade school of the 80's both aural and visual, was released on August 28, 2020 via label Ellipsis.

I'm experienced in many different genres. But strongest in blues, psychedelic rock, stoner rock, indie rock, hard rock, heavy metal, electronic, synthwave, chillwave, new wave, ambient, downtempo, soundtrack, folk and world music.

I'm playing lead guitar for 16 years, santoor for 7 years. Both of them very skilled. I'm producing all instruments (like bass, drum, piano, guitar etc.) Also mixing all of them with various software plugins(like FabFilter, Melodyne, Waves etc.) and mastering them in my home studio. I'm also composing game and movie soundtracks. 

If you need an arrangement, compose, mixing, mastering or instrument playing, i'll be gladly work with you in proper conditions. 

Contact me to discuss your project.

Best wishes!

Suat Can Çapanoğlu

Music Genre

Ambient Blues Electronica Folk World Pop Rock Metal EDM Soundtrack Indie Alternative Retro Trip Hop Ballad Acoustic
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