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Artwork / Logo

Cover art for a single - Watercolor/digital animation-style

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Project Type: Artwork / Logo

Budget: Terms

Date Posted: 11/11/2020


headphone icon Description

Cover art for a single - Watercolor/digital animation-style

Concept of the song: 

The title is “Fledgling”, the name speaks for itself. It means “a young bird that has just flew away from its nest or home”. A creature stuck between being dependent on its environment and the people it grew up around and having the natural need and instinct to leave and explore. The song is self-describing about my journey with that same battle along with the stress of mental health issues making more obstacles.

What I'm looking for:



A girl who looks similar to me looking at a window watching bird fly by. Or a girl with a sad face holding a young bird. I would like most of the colors in a certain shades of blue and other colors where it’s needed like on the girl’s skin tone.


Music Genre

Classical Pop Ballad
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