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Collaboration / Cowrite

Looking for vocalists with strong Instagram following for ambient piano tracks

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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

Date Posted: 16/11/2020


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Looking for vocalists with strong Instagram following for ambient piano tracks

I am a contemporary classical composer. I write piano-centric ambient music that work well for Spotify/AppleMusic/Deezer Playlists and TV sync. Most of my tracks are instrumental but from time to time I ask for collaborators and do a track with vocals. See a sample of my music on this DISCO link.

I am looking to work with vocalists who are a good fit for those types of tracks, who also have a strong instagram following that we can use as an avenue to promote the tracks.

I am open to different forms of collaboration, but my preferred approach is:

1. I produce a ambient piano track
2. Collaborator writes the topline, lyric and records the vocals. 
3. We split the rights 50/50.
4. We release the track as a single under both our artist names, and promote via social media and online music press promotion. I will also do a music video for the track fully at my cost. I will manage the promotion for the track but I would try and incorproate your social media status into that program (which is why I will only review applicants who have a strong social media presence on Instagram (>10k followers).

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Ambient Classical
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