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Remote Production, Mixing and Recording Services

Remote services and creative collaboration with artists. I'm looking to work with artists, producers and recording engineers to provide remote mixing and recording. I offer competitive rates and a straight-forward collaborative approach.

My studio centres around a Rupert Neve-designed 56-channel RN Recall console and features an array of vintage outboard gear, as well as an analog synth collection and range of acoustic instruments. I have a hybrid approach to mixing and production and also have an extensive range of plugins and sample libraries. I can run Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton Live 10 and Cubase Pro 10.

The control room monitoring is managed by a Trinnov optimisation controller with monitoring from Mitchell & Todd and Boxer. It's currently set up for stereo mixes but can be configured to a 5.1 surround setup by arrangement. 

I have a natural sounding live room which can fit a small ensemble and access to an extensive mic locker and network of session musicians for a range of remote recording services.

Get in touch with your rough mixes and/or demos so we can start the collaboration.

Looking forward to hearing your work!

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