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Collaboration / Cowrite

300+ Beats/Songs for Free!

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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

Date Posted: 03/05/2021


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300+ Beats/Songs for Free!


I am a beatmaker/producer with 300+ beats/23 albums made in 1 year currently on all platforms! I make a 

new album of beats about every two-three weeks. I make beats for a few artists who are friends and I would

be interested in working with anyone looking for a unique and different vibe. I make beats for all genres (rap,

hip hop, pop, rock, trap, house, edm, techno, reggaeton, classical, latin, rnb, indie, alternative etc). Ideally, I'd

like to make beats for movies, shows and games but for right now would love to help out any artists who needs

free and personalized songs/tracks. I can be found on all platforms under: I.Am

Music Genre

Ambient Jazz Classical Dance Electronica World Funk Soul Latin Pop R&B Rap Hip Hop Reggae Rock Techno Drum&Bass Trance EDM Gospel Garage Soundtrack Indie Alternative Punk Dubstep Trap Trip Hop Deep House Ballad Calypso J-Pop Grime
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