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How to get Spotify Premium cheaper if you are a student

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Date Posted: 14/06/2021


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How to get Spotify Premium cheaper if you are a student

Spotify is one of the top streaming platforms for listening to music, and you can use it for free, albeit with limitations. You can have a free account or bet on the Premium option that costs 9.99 euros per month, although there are also other plans like Spotify for students that you can get for free on the page:


If you are a student and often listen to music, you can enjoy Spotify for students for less than usual as long as you meet a few requirements. We explain everything you should know about this cheapest option you can ask for from Spain or any other country included in the premium Spotify list.


Spotify for students simply offers Spotify Premium a better price than other users. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a premium account such as the ability to listen to music without connecting and download your songs or the ability to play all songs without ads. It is also multi-device or allows you to play all the songs you want to press "next" and is not limited to this function. The only difference between Spotify Premium and Spotify for students is their price: you pay only half: 4.99 euros per month. Spotify


The Spotify Premium discount is valid for one year, and you can have up to four years in total. It is available to an accredited college or university students to verify with SheerID. In the following paragraphs, we introduce you to all the universities or schools in Spain that are compatible with Spotify Premium to find out if you can get a discount.


To claim the student discount, you need to visit the Spotify student website and register by following the given steps. Once the process is complete, you need to log in to your university portal to prove that you are registered. You can also upload a document to Spotify to prove that you belong to that university or school.


Spotify Student Discount is valid for students for twelve months from the first free month. Once the discount is exceeded, the subscription automatically resumes at the normal Spotify price (€9.99 per month) and you have three subscription plans: cancel the subscription, claim the discount for another year, or continue to pay Spotify Premium at the price of other users. To renew Spotify for students, you just need to follow the same steps to sign up, visit the same website, and complete what you require.

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