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Need Musician/Music producer to create backing tracks for my original songs and record/mix them!

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Date Posted: 05/07/2021


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Need Musician/Music producer to create backing tracks for my original songs and record/mix them!

I am a songwriter, however I do not play instruments so the way my songs sound when finished (and recorded into my voice memos) is like someone is singing a song off the radio acoustically. 
I have 70+ I would love to get made. Imagine Olivia Rodrigo sour album/ Taylor swift Reputation/Lover/1989/Folklore album vibes. There are lots of different styles within them, some song’s productions would be simpler, and some that would require lots of instruments/sound effects/synths; some are more pop or rock and upbeat, others are slower ballads etc. 
My aim is to be able to find someone who can create the instrumental first of all, to accompany the acoustic versions of the songs, then expand on the production with my direction of how I’d like it to sound, record my vocals and create a final mix of the songs that could be released. I wouldn’t class myself as a singer, I am a songwriter however they are my songs and personal and I want to be the one to sing them (at least initially) with the aim of being able to release them properly onto Spotify etc. 
If I was to find a great match and work with the same person for all of it, it would obviously take a lot of time overall, and I am hoping to find someone to form a great songwriter/producer relationship with. 
I’m based in Warwickshire, so someone as close as possible is ideal, however it would be more than possible to work remotely, if for example I send a song, you do the initial instrumentation/track. Then we meet to record vocals, or I could even do that remotely I suppose - I know artists have been doing that especially through COVID. Then you finish the mastering, and we send it back and forth until it’s perfect. 
Hourly rate and things are negotiable, I just really find the right fit who I would feel comfortable recording all my songs with; and probably someone who is passionate about the styles of music I mentioned. 
Please get in touch! I can’t wait to start.

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