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How to watch Twitch on your TV?

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Date Posted: 14/07/2021


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How to watch Twitch on your TV?

You just have to install the application, then go to connection once the application has loaded. A page is displayed on your television screen with a code on the right that you will have to enter on the following page ( ) via a computer or a smartphone where you are already connected to Twitch:

All you have to do is confirm by clicking on “authorize”.

How do I make money on Twitch?

We have seen previously that a streamer can receive money via bits. Usually these are donations of at least 100 bits, i.e. € 1.

The s treamer recovers a percentage of the subscription fees. If he is a Twitch partner he will be able to recover at least 50% of these fees (possibly more depending on his number of subscribers) or 30% if he is a Twitch affiliate. A Twitch streamer partner with 1,000 subscribers will therefore earn at least € 2,500 per month.

Ads are also a source of income, on Twitch an ad is automatically launched as a pre-roll when a stream is opened. Unlike YouTube, it is not possible to pass this pre-roll. The streamer can also allow the launch of advertisements during his stream according to a time frame of his choice (but this can be irritating for his viewers). A Twitch partner earns $ 3.5 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) on ads.

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Streamers with a certain audience also appeal to sponsors who generally provide material (Logitech, Intel, etc.) or finance material from it, for example the Popcorn program broadcast on the Domingo stream and which is supported by Pringles and Diesel perfumes .

For the material it is often highlighted below the stream either for technical specifications only or with an affiliate link / promotional code that earns the streamer money. A similar mechanism exists for certain video game stores.

The latest format earning money for the streamer, “special ops” or special operations financed by an advertiser , generally a video game publisher. These operations are generally shared in a very transparent way by the streamers who will indicate it to their viewers and in the title of their live (which is requested by Twitch so as not to deceive the viewers). As an example of a special op, we can cite the Apex Legends game from Electronics Arts which was associated with many streamers at its launch, or recently Canal + which joined forces with streamer Doigby to broadcast the first episode of its series Validated. 

If the special ops can be negotiated directly between the advertiser and the streamer, Twitch launched in 2019 the Bounty Board is a table present in the streamer dashboard and offers special ops in which streamers can take part easily and be paid according to the number of viewers, the live time… etc. It seems that the remuneration is also linked to the number of followers or subscribers. The American streamer Reckful (910K followers) could thus earn more than $ 8,400 by playing the League of Legends game for an hour .

Apart from the top streamers it is quite rare to have more than 1000 subscribers, this data is not public so we can only trust the statements of the streamers. According to the Twitchtracker site in France it would be the Zerator streamer who would have the most subscribers or 15K (for 785K followers) according to the sub data displayed in the chat when someone takes a sub. The world's top streamers would therefore have monthly salaries of several tens of thousands of dollars.


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