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Project Type: Hire People & Services

Budget: €150

Date Posted: 11/09/2021


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Radio promotio


30,000 FM / Web radios and 1,500 clubs in 52 countries

GD RECORDS offers airplay data all over the world and every month-end transmits a report on the statistics of the release (s) so that the artist will know exactly when, on which radio station and in which country the version of his song.


Here's where your music will be played


Italy, Comoros, United States, Lithuania, France, Luxembourg, England, Latvia, Canada, Morocco, Switzerland, Mauritius, Sweden Mexico, Germany, Nigeria,

Belgium Holland, Russian Federation, Norway, Argentina New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Australia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Réunion, Brazil Romania, Ivory Coast, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Senegal,

Estonia Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Finland, Ukraine, Greece, Venezuela, Croatia, Africa, Hungary, Japan, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, India, Iceland

All audio publications include:

⦁ publication (broadcast quality audio files, covers, bio, photos, etc.);

⦁ dedicated newsletter that informs the media of the publication of your music;

⦁ real-time feedback on your music from the Media;

⦁ Real-time monitoring of your music on airplay of radio station in 52 countries.

Please note that all radio stations with which GD RECORDS collaborates are located in the territories covered by copyright agreements.

Therefore the radio stations will pay all the necessary rights and therefore all the radio passages will generate the royalty payments that the author will receive directly from the body that manages them (Ascap, Bmi, Siae, etc.) and not from GD RECORDS.

Payment for the service must be made via Paypal or by bank transfer, which will be provided during registration.

RADIO PROMOTION To use the radio promotional service, the piece must be carefully examined by GD RECORDS before being sent to the radio. DATA REQUIRED FOR SENDING THE SONG To facilitate the tracking of the song (s) to be sponsored, the audio material must have already been published for at least a week under the typing (Radio version, or edit). Serve the following to GD RECORDS.

• Artist name

• Song name

• Record company (if different from GD RECORDS or if one is used)

• ISRC of the piece (if in possession)

• UPC of the song (if in possession)

• Type

• Parental Advisory (explicit or not content)

• Audio wave max 516Mb (radio version)

• Release date

• Author / s

• Cover of the song max 10Mb format 3000x3000 pixel JPG.

• Photo artist / s max 10Mb

• Biography of the artist (s) (in Italian and English).

All these details are indispensable for radio switching and audio tracking. The various royalties will be managed by the rights collection body such as ASCAP, SIAE, BMI, SOUNDREEF. etc, therefore it is advisable to be registered with one of the companies.

Music Genre

Ambient Blues Jazz Classical Dance Electronica Folk World Country Funk Soul Latin Pop R&B Swing Rap Hip Hop Reggae Rock Metal House Techno Drum&Bass Trance EDM Gospel Garage Soundtrack Indie Alternative Punk Dubstep Orchestral Disco Retro Trap Trip Hop K-Pop Deep House Ballad Calypso Soca Acoustic Americana J-Pop Grime
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