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Artist Collaberation

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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

Budget: Terms

Date Posted: 12/09/2021

Time remaining: 5d 4h


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Artist Collaberation

When thinking of my next project, I told myself I'll call Timberland, Missy, The Neptunes and they could do my next album? Well, Unfortunately It's expensive and two there book and busy... LOL... all kidding aside.  I want to do an album with each song being different and each song I want to collaberate with different artists out there. I love the process of creating music, writing music, etc. and i love all music, when i say all music i mean all.. so if your country, rock, gospel and you feel you and I can collaberate and create something new, fresh and different and are open minded  to anything. please this project is for you... I want to collab with you, lets start now!!!!

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Dance Funk Pop R&B Reggae Disco
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