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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

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Date Posted: 12/12/2021


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Mixing and Mastering

I'm a producer/engineer with a fully equipped mixing studio at home, which I believe is currently underutilized!

It occurred to me that many of you pitching your songs on this site may have the necessary skills to record your music, but, as is often the case, struggle to get the best out of the mix.

I am happy to contribute my skills and expertise at this stage of the process, and I am willing to accept modest compensation for my time.

I prefer to work in REAPER, but I can also work with stems or WAV files from other platforms, as well as some ProTools sessions (2021).

Any conversation should begin with you informing me about your creative process for this song, followed by you providing me a rough mix, and I will be completely honest in suggesting whether I can better what you have.

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Dance Pop R&B Hip Hop Rock
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