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Date Posted: 23/12/2021


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Back in the 90s I wrote a story, called ',Mask Of Reality - Reality In Dreamland'.  It contained 21 tracks, which I recorded all myself.  Only 2 of which were recorded in more recent years and, now complete, I released the album.  I need to amend the original story slightly, but the film idea is still virtually the same.  If anybody would like to take on this task of making it a film that would be great.  It is about a musician stuck in a lifestyle and not really going anywhere.  Slight progress in music is made and sees a glimmer of hope.  Redundancy occurs and near suicide, but after reading a poem and an after having an amazing dream, decides to pursue music more seriously.  He is still slightly negative to the idea of success, but perseveres.  Eventually, after appearing at a record company and impressing them by playing a song live, they hand him a contract.  He doesn't sign it, but just takes it and walks away.  The original idea was for him to rip it up.  The task was just to prove he could succeed, despite negativity from his father.  The mission had been completed to prove he could succeed. The first half of the story was based on reality and the second half was a dream scenario.  'Mask Of Reality' was my writing name at the time, but now I'm 'The Lost Connection'.  Nearly all if the songs were recorded between 1994  - 1998, using a 4 tracker and GM Keyboard. The recording quality isn't great , but apt for the story context.  If interested please contact me.  The album is on sale in all major download sites.  I have not much money and therefore need to win over a wealthy film director first, ideally.

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