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Mastering Music

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Project Type: Mastering

Budget: Terms

Date Posted: 29/12/2021


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Mastering Music


Lytening King is a Jamaican born Dancehall and Reggae singer, 

songwriter and composer. He is also a professional in the field of 

graphic arts and video production which enables him to create his 

own graphics and videos for the musical works he creates.

Lytening King sings and composes songs that are heartfelt and 

emotive covering topics that express social and cultural goings on, 

both locally and internationally.  The lyrics written by this artist 

are mostly from his own life experiences, are meant to be engaging and 

can be related to by persons from all walks of life.  Lytening King began 

his musical journey during his primary years, performing at school and in 

church. He formerly performed under the name Puncha T.  He has been compared 

to dancehall artists like Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee as well as reggae artists 

like Chronixx and Protoje. His love for music was inspired by performing artists 

like Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. Lytening King has 

been featured on CVM TV, Sun City Radio Station and Roots FM. Has been awarded twice 

for his musical talent and composition skills by Roots FM.  He has been off the 

music scene for over five years due to an unexpected chain of events affecting his family, 

which includes, but is not limited to the sudden passing of his younger brother.  

Lytening King is now ready to return to the industry, sharper than before,  driven by his strong passion for creating music.  

Lytening King looks forward to his music being absorbed and appreciated by his listeners...


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