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Wild 60s GoGo Soul mixed with BigBeats

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Date Posted: 04/05/2022

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Wild 60s GoGo Soul mixed with BigBeats

Hi, I have a concept that I am trying to put together. I combine 60s soul samples with 90s style big beats. I'm a soul singer, Hammond player and I do some rapping in parts. I have thrown together 20 catchy original songs on LogicProX and want to go live with it soon using just two dancer/backing singers and a DJ to drop the beats (backing) as opposed to a full band. Ive been in the industry so I have a head start as far as booking gigs and getting attention. In fact I have record companies asking for a demo already on this project. Trouble is, I'm only a beginner on LogicProX and I'm not getting anything like the sound I'm after, its mushy and not big beat danceable as i need it to be so I am looking for a producer to come into the whole project with me. They would have to enjoy energetic 60s soul like Ike & Tina Turner, Otis Redding, Sugar Pie Desanto etc but because its cut up samples it needs to be more like Beck, Fatboy Slim, DeeeLite or something like that only keeping the high energy rhythms. There are other smoother soul beats and funk as well. I'm looking to raise the quality of the recording to take them live as backing and then to help get the vocals down to make demos and then finally to help master them to release at a later stage, three distinct stages. 

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Funk Soul Hip Hop
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