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How to write a successful board post?

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Date Posted: 01/09/2022


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How to write a successful board post?

Discussion posts are the main way for students to improve negotiations during the lesson. It can help with a better understanding of course material and improve argumentation. 


These tips can help you to write an effective post and impress your professor and classmates:


  1. Read the prompt attentively. 

To make a good response you should definitely know what you are talking about. Take your time and carefully think about the main question.


  1. Think about how the theme is connected with your course.

This needs to find out the information for explanations of your reasoning.


  1. Pick out the main keywords.

It will help to express your opinion faster.


  1. Support your argumentation

Try to confirm your reasoning with written sources. This will definitely impress your tutor and make your discussion post stronger. 


  1. Bring uniqueness into your response.

Don't forget about your opinion on the expressed topic. Or try to figure out some ways of solving the problem you discussed. 

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