US female vocalist seeks song for duet with UK multi-platinum male vocalist


Project Owner: Cumie-Vocalist-Producer

Project Type: Find Music / Songs

Budget: Terms

Pitching Period:

Time Remaining: 15d 22h


Female vocalist from the US (based between Spain, London & NYC), seeks mid-tempo song(s) with a driving rhythm. The chosen song will be recorded as a duet, featuring my vocals and a UK multi-platinum male vocalist. (Your demo song does not need to currently be in duet format.)

For the music and female vocals on this particular project, think Adele, Amy Winehouse, KT Tunstall, Alicia Keys, Florence & the Machine. Big emotion, soulful and modern. For the male vocals, think Bobby Caldwell, Daniel Merriweather, Al Green, Garry Christian.

Electronic and World-Music influences are WELCOME - without loosing the essence of being a soulful pop song. A mid-tempo song with a "driving rhythm" is what we're looking for.

*Recorded demo ideas are the most useful.* Demos can be with or without vocals/lyrics. I usually write my own lyrics and compose vocal melodies, but I am open to collaboration on all aspects. (I can sign a protection statement so that your submissions are safe.)

What I am offering is:
- My own powerful interpretation of the female vocal part. Plus,
- The opportunity to collaborate with this inspiring, multi-platinum male vocalist. For legal reasons, this artist cannot be named until further along the project.
- We will come to a fair payment agreement with the chosen songwriter / producer.
- My partner has done video work for top brands, and we are currently in production on my first two television-ready music videos. A music video will be also produced for the song sought for this project.

You can check out short clips of my voice on my profile page. Thank you for pitching on this project.

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Pop Demo Clips (Vocals Lyrics & Co-Production) - Cumie Dunio
Dance Demo Clips (Vocals Lyrics & Co-Production) - Cumie Dunio
World Ethnic Soundtrack demo clips (Vocals & Melodies & Co-Production) - Cumie Dunio

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