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Producer Seeking Top Liners / Songwriters for Major Artists

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Project Type: Collaboration / Cowrite

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Pitching Period: 42 days



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Producer Seeking Top Liners / Songwriters for Major Artists

I'm currently looking for top-liners/songwriters to co-write on songs with which will be pitched to various A&Rs and Artist Managers that I'm in contact with, whom are seeking songs for their artists'. You must have the facilities to record your vocals - doesn't have be recorded at an expensive studio or on an expensive mic but should at least be recorded on a decent condensor with no distortion or background noise etc. Looking for a fun and catchy melody with a soaring chorus. Lyrics can be about anything that comes to your mind, but keep it simple, innovative, honest and Pop. Most importantly I'm looking for something that grabs the listener with the melody and connects/evokes emotion with them via the lyrics. Good Luck! --- Type of work: Remote work Specific terms: 50/50 Co-write if the song is used* *If a part of your lyrics or melody needs to be changed to better suit the song, a share of the authors rights will be expected.

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Soul Pop R&B
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