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Sad/Bitter Love Ballad Songs needed for No.1 Charting Male Artist in China

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Sad/Bitter Love Ballad Songs needed for No.1 Charting Male Artist in China

Brilliant opportunity to branch out into the Chinese Music Market with a top charting artist. This artist receives regular hits and we can place your song(s) with him. Style: - Love ballad - Piano preferred however acoustic/electric guitar also works. Please research ballad style across the charts in China. Lyrical Content: - Ideally with a certain amount of bitterness regarding the lyrical content. Many of the artists songs speak of love but with a dark tone. Reference files: Please check out the reference files attached to this project (this is purely the style we want, the artists used in the references are not the same as the artist this brief is for) Examples of our previous song placement success can be found on our profile, this is always growing and we have a proven track record. TERMS OF SONG DEAL Master Rights: Successful songs placed with our artist will be acquired for a fee at an agreed amount. This will cover the buyout of the song's master rights. Publishing Rights: The lyrics may be translated and if the lyrics do not translate, new lyrics will be written. In the case of a re-write the publishing share for the Writers will reduce usually by 25% pro-rata for each writer, with the total share being 75% for the Writers and 25% for the new lyricist. Sub-Publishing in Asia: We have strong relations in Asia so we would be happy to handle the sub-publishing for any successful songs if you are in need of it.

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