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URGENT: £8k All In Percussive Jazz Instrumentals Needed for TV Advert

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URGENT: £8k All In Percussive Jazz Instrumentals Needed for TV Advert

URGENT DEADLINE - We will be submitting music to our client tomorrow - 16th of March at 9am GMT so please keep an eye on the project to accommodate for a quick turnaround if and when you're accepted through to the Workspace for final A&Ring. We're working with a Music Supervisor currently looking for an instrumental for an advert. The advert itself is a 30 second story with a "smooth, charming and cool" protagonist. We're looking for percussive Jazz tracks which will reflect the description of the protagonist. The track should be stylish, upbeat, progressive and high quality. The client also likes the clapping within the reference files sothis would be a plus. The clapping however should be in the style shown rather than a folky/advert/"cheesy" kind of clapping. When listening to the second reference file "Sinnerman - Nina Simone" please listen from 4:27 onwards. The advert will be quite voiceover heavy hence we are only looking for instrumentals/instrumental versions of songs. Please make sure that the tracks you submit are fully mixed, mastered and sync ready. Also please only pitch on this project if the licensing can be cleared quickly and easily. Media: TV and client website only Length: 1 x 30” (with variations) Territory: UK & ROI Term: 6 Months Fee: £4,000 a side (£8,000 Total)

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