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URGENT: $100k Dark Ethereal Covers Needed for Video Game Trailer

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URGENT: $100k Dark Ethereal Covers Needed for Video Game Trailer

URGENT: We will be submitting music to our client tomorrow - 29th of March at 9am GMT so please keep an eye on the project to accommodate for a quick turnaround if and when you're accepted through to the Workspace for final A&Ring. We're working with a high-level music supervisor, currently looking for music for a game advert. As you might be aware, the current trend with game trailers shows an increase in the usage of dark, ethereal covers of well-known songs. Recently many AAA games have placed some amazing covers to their trailers, such as the ones you can see within the reference files. Lyrics-wise, not essential but it would be preferred it they refer to overcoming obstacles, rising from the ashes, rebirth, growth, etc. We're looking for 2 types of covers: 1. Well known catalogue songs, moody, ethereal with some depth. 2. Similar vibe as the one above, but it has to have depth and swagger. Think a track which is still dark and moody met something more ethereal and ultimately hopeful and triumphant. Has to be really striking and impactful.

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