Your time is precious and so is your clients. As creatives ourselves, we were tired of using multiple tools to get daily tasks done. That’s why we developed a file storage system that’s surrounded by features that tick all your boxes and can help you generate more business.

Pitch Perfect Playlists

Present your media and music like the professional you are and allow your clients to listen and view your presentations from anywhere. You invest too much time and effort into your work, to fall at the final hurdle.

Metadata made easy

Having access to file metadata within the browser is vital, its saves so much time and increases productivity. We’ve developed tools to update and manage multiple files at the same time, as well as meeting guild of music supervisors standards for music files.

Bulk File Transfers at your fingertips

Bulk send your files securely from your account to clients wherever you are and wherever they are.

Opportunity Meets Functionality

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