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Reach millions of customers across the UK & Europe through some of the biggest brands & outlets

Reach millions of customers across the UK & Europe through some of the biggest brands & outlets

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Get your music distributed across the UK and Europe and into 1000's of stores, consumer outlets and branded locations. Our retail and hospitality distribution is completed free and inclusive with our Influencer and Game Changer accounts. Earn money and gain exposure on a basis where you keep 100% of the broadcast royalties through your performing rights societies such as PRS Music, ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, and SACEM.

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Enhance the customer experience

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It's vital that retail and hospitality brands set the right tone within their premises. They tailor their experiences to enhance the consumer experience, which considers many elements of the customer journey. This includes such things as the lighting, floor layout, seating, product display and of course the right quality music.

Music is a key component in influencing shopper behaviour, but it's not just about getting people to buy; there's no silver bullet for that process. Providing the right music that's matched to the environment, the brand identity and even the time of day will make all the difference.

Through our creative process, we deliver the very best music matched to the brand's needs and, more importantly, return a greater experience for the customers.

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Through your Music Gateway account, you are granted access to our retail distribution area where you can submit your music for consideration to our creative team.
Once the quality control check is complete we will distribute your music to our branded retail partner channels.

No fee distribution

Keep 100% of your broadcast royalties under the normal PRO blanket license. When your music is playing in-store its tracked and accounted back to the PRO's for accounting; we don't take a penny!

Music discovery

Millions of people use apps like Shazam to identify music that catches their ear. This distribution helps introduce new music to millions of people across Europe, in turn leading to potential new streams and increased sales.

How it works

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Once you have created your Influencer or Game Changer account, you will be granted access to a special area within the Music Gateway platform which allows you to submit your music to our creative team. We quality control your submissions and assuming everything is good to go we will then distribute your music directly through our retail partner channels.

1. Create our account

You will need an Influencer or Game Changer account to access this free solution.

2. Upload your music

We only need your mastered audio tracks in MP3 (320K) format with your track metadata for you to submit to our team.

3. Distribute

Once our team reviews your submissions, we confirm that they have been accepted and we do the rest, delivering your music to our retail partner channel.

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Music for retail

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Apply to perform live on the UK’s freshest artist showcase series. Our clients' needs are far and wide, as you can imagine, what works in a Gym is more likely to be the complete opposite in a relaxing health spa. Whilst we want songs from Artists and Bands, it's important that we also have instrumental versions of all tracks submitted to the service.

We are looking for and will potentially accept all types of music genre, both from contemporary commercial recordings to classical easy listening original compositions and cover versions.

The most popular types of music served to the brands include the following genres and music style categories:

Pop, Jazz, Classical, Alternative Dance, Ambient Chill, Balearic Lounge, Bar House, Cafe de Paris, Chilled Hip Hop, Chilled House, Classical Light Classics, Commercial Pop, Deep and Minimal House, Downtempo, Eighties, Electro House, Feel-Good Funk, Soul and Raregroove, Funky House Club, Get Physical, Good Vibes, Indie Pop, Italian, Jazz/Funk Evenings, Jazz- Light Classic, Jazz- Smooth, Jukebox Favourites, Latin Lounge, Latin Uptempo, Lounge, Mellow Pop Nucool, Nujazz, Party Dance, Piano Bar, Reggae, Restuarant Lounge, R'n'B Hip-Hop, Rockin' Blues, Spa Relaxation, Uptempo Grooves, Vintage 20's, 30's and 40's and World Music.

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