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Song Key Finder & BPM Finder Search

Search through millions of harmonic songs, find their key, the BPM and additional information about artist

Key Finder

Have you ever wanted to find the key of that song you can’t get out of your head, but just don’t know how to do this? A song key and bpm finder is just the tool for you and we will discuss how it works right here today. We will also touch on a bpm finder too, as we know how useful these are to musicians like you. So by the end of this article, you will be pros at finding song keys and the bpm, so let’s take a deep dive into everything bpm key finder related!  

What Is A Key In Music?

In music, a key refers to a group of notes and chords that revolve around a central note, called the tonic. It determines the overall tonality and mood of a piece of music. Knowing the key of a track in music can help with tasks such as harmonizing, transposing, and mixing. It can also aid in understanding the overall mood and emotion of the piece.

What Is A Song Key Finder? 

A song key finder in music is a software tool that analyzes an audio file to determine the musical key or pitch of the song. It works by analyzing the frequency content of the audio and identifying the predominant pitch or note. This information can be useful for DJs, producers, and musicians for mixing and blending songs together in a harmonically pleasing way and enhancing their understanding of music.

Why Is A Song Key Finder Important? 

BPM Finder

A key finder in music is an important tool because it helps identify the key of a song, which is essential for various music-related tasks such as transposing, harmonizing, and improvising. 

Our music key finder tool will enhance your music and become a more talented musician. 

How to Find Song Key

Let’s see how the key finder song process exactly works, shall we? The main plus is that it really doesn’t take that long. 

  1. Gather all the relevant files – All the files you want to analyse should be in one place on your computer for easy access. 
  2. Drag and drop all your files into the relevant space on the website. 
  3. Wait for the tool to analyse your files and make yourself a cup of tea. 
  4. You will receive the results in a table format and any other data about the music. 

And it really is that simple. 

How Accurate Is The Song Key Finder? 

The accuracy of key finders can vary depending on the quality of the device and its technology, but generally, they are considered to be fairly accurate in locating lost items within a certain range.

Where Do The Audio Files Go Once Analysed?

It depends on the specific key finder service you are using. Generally, the audio files are analyzed and processed by the service’s algorithms to identify the key or pitch of the music. The resulting information is then displayed to the user. The audio files themselves are typically not stored permanently by the service.

How Much Does The Key Song Finder Cost?

You can usually download the song key finder for free and you can do this today on our website.  

BPM & Key Finders Online

Song Key Finder

Now, there are a few BPM and key finders online that you can use – apart from ours of course!

Mixed In Key – Mixed In Key is software that analyzes audio files and detects their tempo (BPM) and key. The BPM finder feature of Mixed In Key accurately detects the tempo of songs and provides information about the beats per minute of a track. This feature is useful for DJs and music producers who need to match the tempo of different songs or create remixes.

Tunebat – Tunebat is a free online BPM Finder that allows users to find the tempo, or beats per minute (BPM), of any song. It uses audio analysis technology to accurately detect the BPM of a song, which can be helpful for DJs, musicians, and anyone looking to create playlists or mix music.

AudioKeyChain – If you’re lacking memory space on your computer AudioKeyChain is a brilliant option. Easily upload your tracks (MP3 or WAV) directly from your computer and it will do all the hard work for you and determine the song key. It also has features such as a BPM counter, online metronome, games for testing your rhythm, and lots of songs so you can search and find the key and BPM using the bpm key finder of many different tracks.

KeyFinder – KeyFinder is a free and open-source key detection tool that helps to identify the musical key of a song. It analyzes the audio file and displays the detected key and scale, which can be useful for DJs, producers, and musicians who want to mix or create music in a specific key. KeyFinder supports various audio formats and can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Song Key And BPM Finder

Djay Pro – You can download Djay Pro on your iOS and Android phones as well as on both Mac and Windows computers. This application is DJ software offering the most advanced features to detect Keys, and BPM, and has a beat tempo finder. The savvy software also features a frequency-based colour waveform to help find keys easily and make the interface more attractive. There’s a free version which is ideal for casual and less-experienced DJs who don’t need as many tools and features.

GetSongKey – GetSongKey is a useful website for DJs, songwriters, and musicians as it offers more than six million databases of keys and other information for music fans. Every song is stored in four categories to make finding the key of the samples simple – Positiveness, Danceability, Energy, and Acuteness. It’s a perfect place for musicians of all levels to check the key and BPM of a track.

Song Key Finder – Song Key Finder is an excellent free app available for Android that will help you find your keys quickly and easily when you’re on the go. You can play the song through your device’s microphone to the app for analysis, upload the song, or you can manually enter the chords you have been playing. A guaranteed go-to for all musicians!

BPM Finder – What Are Beats Per Minute In Music?

Find Song Key

The term ‘beats per minute’ (BPM) is fairly self-explanatory as it means the number of beats in one minute. For example, a tempo of 60 BPM means that there is one beat every single second of that minute. A BPM of 120 would be twice the speed, with two beats every second. BPM is the most accurate way of indicating tempos and we’ll explore why it’s important next.

Why Is The BPM Important In Music?

Finding the BPM (beats per minute) of a song is important because it helps to determine the tempo and the overall feel of the song. It is also useful for DJs and musicians who want to mix or create music that is in sync with other tracks.

There is going to be a different bpm in terms of all the different genres of music. So let’s give you some examples below. 

Dub: 60–90 BPM

Hip-Hop: 60–100 BPM

House: 115–130 BPM

Techno/Trance: 120–140 BPM

Dubstep: 135–145 BPM

Drum And Bass: 160–180 BPM

How Do You Find A BPM Of A Song? 

Key and BPM Finder

It is possible to find songs by their BPM (beats per minute) using various music search engines and databases that allow you to filter songs by BPM. Additionally, some music production software also has the ability to sort and search for songs by BPM. 

There are several ways to find the BPM (beats per minute) of a song, including using a BPM counter app, tapping along with the beat and using a metronome app, or analyzing the waveform of the song using software like Ableton Live or FL Studio.

BPM Finder Online 

There are plenty of places you can use a bpm finder on line. For example, EDM BPM is a BPM counter that reveals 100+ subgenres of Electronic Dance Music based on genre and BPM. You can download this on the Apple Store. 

BPM Tapper

You may know we also have the BPM tapper tool on our site to find a bpm, so please do check these out. This allows you to quickly and accurately measure the tempo of a song or piece of music.

Conclusion – Song Key Finder / BPM Finder

We hope you have learned something about the role of a song key finder and why you should use one. Try to use this tool when you next create a piece and see how helpful it is. As musicians, we should all have a key finder tool at the ready as there is then more focus on the intricacies of a piece.

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