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Music Video Promotion

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Delivering 1,000's of weekly playlist streams, we understand that relationships with industry gatekeepers are key. We've established ourselves as a trusted partner delivering quality campaigns to influencers, curators, digital platforms and radio stations around the world.

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Music Video Promotion

Creating a music video is a brilliant way to promote your music, craft thought-provoking visuals and garner attention – but only if people see it! That’s why music video promotion is so important to an artist. In the same way that you should work on promoting your music, it’s vital to also know how to promote your music video is vital. Who knows, it could become a viral hit or uncover a whole new generation of fans!

There are different types of promotion such as YouTube music video promotion, or some artists go it alone with DIY Indie music video promotion and social media promotion. If you are interested in music video promotion, Music Gateway can help push your video to the forefront and make sure that it gets the attention it deserves.

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Radio promotion

We have a hardworking team of radio pluggers working directly with some of the biggest radio stations in the world. We work to get you heard – whatever your genre.

  • National & International Radio Promotion
  • Specific genres covered across UK, USA, Europe and Australia


Best music PR campaigns for you

Are you an artist or band wanting to grow your audience and increase your traction with music video promotion? Looking at music PR companies could be exactly what you need. At Music Gateway, We help to get your music heard & grow your audience by working directly with independent music curators worldwide.

Our approach is tailored to suit each artist, carefully planning each campaign to deliver results. With 30 years of combined industry experience, leverage our powerful network of influencers & professional tastemakers.

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Artist development & branding

With over 30 years of experience working with artists, we can help create the perfect brand for you. We will help you get the right look & branding, connecting you with leading industry producers and creatives plus helping with music video promotion.

Artist development and branding is the starting point of a professional career in the music industry. It’s time to level up!

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Spotify Promotion

Amplify and enhance your music industry career with our dedicated music promotion team. Get your music played on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, radio, TV and more to ultimately grow your fan reach exponentially!

Our Spotify promotion packages are all 100% organic Spotify promotion. This means we grow your streams and fans through optimisation and playlist pitching to targeted curators. This is the best Spotify promotion technique for any artist and it increases your chances of success for future releases too!

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Artist Success Stories

“I really love those guys. Mark and the team are awesome and have helped so much with my development as an artist and as a brand.”

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Independent Artist

“Music Gateway has helped me with my brand, music videos and production. It’s been a proper journey.”

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Calum Jones

Musician, Singer, Songwriter

“Working with Music Gateway was easy, very happy & great feedback on all things creative. They are one of the best music PR companies out there.”

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Jake Bradford-Sharp

Indie Artist

"It was really great! Mark and the promo team are wonderful to work with, genuine fans of music & eager to help in any way that they can!"

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Will from Ships Have Sailed

Indie Band

“They’ve really helped me develop as an artist and pull together all aspects to my career; my branding & personality are now all aligned.”

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Singer, Songwriter

"I’ve been super happy with how my Spotify streams have hit over 1 million streams, which is crazy. They achieved over 20 editorial Spotify playlists and amazing traction online."

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Georgia Box

Indie Artist

Photo of MAXO - independant artist
Photo of Callum Jones - Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Photo of Jake Bradford-Sharp - Indie Artist
Photo of Ships have Sailed - Indie Band
Photo of Molly - Singer, Songwriter
Photo of Georgia Box - Indie Artist
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Music Video Promotion: How To Promote A Music Video

Music Video Promotion

Music videos are extremely important for an artist’s growth. They are the visual medium in which listeners consume your music and can make or break an artist. If you are an artist in the world of music, music video promotion can seem like a daunting task. However, we will break down everything you need to consider when it comes to promoting your music video. 

What Is Music Video Promotion?

Music video promotion is the process of marketing your music video to the masses. The goal in mind is to draw as many people to your music video as possible. There are many different ways to promote your music video. These include building hype, plugging on social media and much more.

Why Is Music Video Promotion Important?

Music video promotion is important as a means of growing your audience as an artist. With a proper music video promotion campaign, you will see a growth in your fanbase and this wider reach can share your music with more people as well as your brand. 

How To Promote A Music Video

background music for promotional video

In this section, we will look at different ways you can promote your music video.

Build The Hype

Sharing teasers and behind-the-scenes clips is an excellent way to build hype towards the release of your music video. Also, be sure to keep reminding your fans of the release date. Some people may have missed the initial post so it is vital you share this multiple times.

Share On Social Media & Contact Influencers

This is fairly self explanatory as you want to share the video on the most accessible means for your fans. It is also worth asking friends and family to share your video. 

Alternatively, you could reach out to social media influencers who actively promote music in your genre. Take a chance and message them directly to see if they would be interested in sharing your video. 

Be sure to utilize non-traditional ways of sharing your video. This can include online forums and Facebook groups for example.

Email Blast

If you have an email list (which you should), sending out an email blast is a great tool to promote your music video. To grow your email list, you could perhaps run a fan competition such as a ticket giveaway. 

Paid Ads

A paid method you could consider is running ads on social media, such as YouTube ads for Musicians. What is Youtube music promotion? Paid YouTube video promotion is one of the best ways to quickly start racking up YouTube views. 

When you promote your music video on Youtube, they also make sure that the right demographics see your music video.

Music Gateway

One of the best music video production companies for you to use is Music Gateway. Music Gateway can help push your video to the forefront and make sure that it gets the attention it deserves.

Our approach is tailored to suit each artist. We carefully plan each individual campaign to deliver results. Our team has over 30 years of combined industry experience and an excellent network. The connections and experience Music Gateway has makes it one of the best music video promotion services available. 

Be sure to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today!

Where Can I Post My Music Video To Get Noticed?

background music for promotional video free

As we have previously mentioned, YouTube music video promotion is a great place to start. YouTube is the go-to platform for everyone to consume audio-visual media. Therefore it is essential for indie music video promotion. A YouTube channel is as important as any of the other social media channels, and when you promote YouTube music video on your socials it can quickly gain traction and increase your following.

Additionally, you can post snippets on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Posting it everywhere should allow your fan base to find your music video with no issues. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Hopefully we have answered your question: ‘how do you get your music promoted?’ With regards to music video promotion, UK company Music Gateway can ensure the highest quality music video promotion campaign. 

We believe that, if you, the artist, has poured your heart and soul into your music video, it is only right to market it to as many people as possible. Be sure to sign up today!


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