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Spotify Promotion

We help to grow your audience and get your music heard by working directly with independent music curators worldwide. Our approach is tailored to suit each artist, carefully planning each Spotify campaign to deliver results. With 30 years of combined industry experience, we leverage our powerful network of influencers & professional tastemakers to get your music where it needs to be.

Our Spotify promotion packages and Spotify marketing campaigns are all 100% organic Spotify promotion. This means we grow your streams and fans through optimisation, specific Spotify marketing strategies, and playlist pitching to targeted curators. This is the best Spotify promotion service for any artist and it increases your chances of success for future releases too!

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Music promotion, radio airplay, DSP playlists & music marketing

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Amplify and enhance your music industry career with our dedicated music promotion team.

Besides Spotify music promotion, promote your music on Apple Music, Deezer, radio and more to ultimately grow your fan reach exponentially.

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Are you a Spotify curator, influencer or do you support artists?

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We work directly with independent Spotify curators, supportive music blogs and individuals who receive music submissions from artists. Let’s talk about the benefits of working together. We want to help creatives learn how to promote music on Spotify and get them real Spotify promotion. If you want that too, then let’s join forces!

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Artist Success Stories

“I really love those guys. Mark and the team are awesome and have helped so much with my development as an artist and as a brand.”

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Independent Artist

“Music Gateway has helped me with my brand, music videos and production. It’s been a proper journey.”

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Calum Jones

Musician, Singer, Songwriter

“Working with Music Gateway was easy, very happy & great feedback on all things creative. They are one of the best music PR companies out there.”

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Jake Bradford-Sharp

Indie Artist

"It was really great! Mark and the promo team are wonderful to work with, genuine fans of music & eager to help in any way that they can!"

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Will from Ships Have Sailed

Indie Band

“They’ve really helped me develop as an artist and pull together all aspects to my career; my branding & personality are now all aligned.”

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Singer, Songwriter

"I’ve been super happy with how my Spotify streams have hit over 1 million streams, which is crazy. They achieved over 20 editorial Spotify playlists and amazing traction online."

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Georgia Box

Indie Artist

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Photo of Callum Jones - Musician, Singer, Songwriter
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The Best Organic Spotify Promotion Tips

Since Spotify’s launch in 2006, it has grown in popularity and is currently boasting a whopping 271 million users including some of the most amazing top Spotify playlist curators. That’s a huge amount of potential fans for your latest release! However, there’s so much more to releasing a single than just uploading it to Spotify. 

The streaming platform provides a range of promotional tools to help boost your fan engagement – to drive in those much-wanted Spotify streams and royalties! Spotify Music Promotion is one of the strongest ways to get your music heard and your brand seen. 

Knowing how to promote your music on Spotify is a valuable part of free playlist promotion. Using Spotify offers artists the chance to get their music more widely heard and knowing things like where to post Spotify playlists, how to generate organic Spotify promotion and when to start a Spotify campaign for artists can give you a head start.

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How To Pitch Songs For Spotify Playlist Promotion & Spotify Promo

Every artist dreams of having their music placed in an official Spotify collaborative playlist. Not only does it introduce your music to potential new fans, but playlist promotion also generates a crazy amount of streams (and we all know what streams equal). 

But, how do you get your next release placed on an official Spotify promotion artist playlist? Well, here’s how:

Before you release your next single to the world, first upload it to Spotify for Artists. It’s really important that this is done before you release! Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account and click Pitch A Song.

Pitching your next release puts your music directly in front of Spotify curators – Just what you need to land one of the big official playlist placements! Playlist promotion on Spotify will also add your song to your followers’ Release Radar Playlists, ensuring all your fans know about your latest single and listen to your music.

However, finding the best Spotify playlist promotion it’s not as simple as just pitching and waiting. Your Spotify playlist promo account needs to have fan engagement for Spotify curators to take an interest – it’s the music business after all! This is one of the first steps in Spotify music promotion. 

Ask your fans to follow you on Spotify and add your music, especially your latest release, to their own playlists. The more traction your music has, the more likely you are to be placed in a big playlist and the greater success of your playlist promotion. 

Make sure you share playlists that include your music on social media and always tag Spotify in the post. You never know who’s watching!

Spotify promotion

Using Spotify’s Official Branding

Sharing your music online is one of the best ways to get the word out. However, be smart about sharing information. We’ve already established that your Spotify account needs lots of engagement to interest the big Spotify curators. Therefore, you might as well include links to your Spotify account in your social media posts. 

Sharing Spotify links on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will create a Spotify player, allowing potential fans to quickly consume your music – All whilst boosting your streaming algorithms on Spotify itself.

You can also integrate ‘follow me’ buttons and Spotify players into your artist website, allowing fans to engage with your Spotify artist profile account without leaving your site. It’s all done by copying and pasting a simple piece of code, available on Spotify for Artists. This code works with the majority of website builders and social media platforms. Be sure to include Spotify links on all of your platforms – you really want to release new music everywhere and get the word out. 

The streaming platform has made its official branding (Fonts, Logos, Images) available to artists to aid their real Spotify promotion. Try creating interesting artwork for Instagram – a never before seen band photo perhaps? Include the Spotify logo in the corner of the photo to help soft sell your music on the platform.

Spotify Promotion to get your music heard

Pre-Release Strategies

Unless your music is consumed by the masses, it’s very unlikely that releasing a track with no prior Spotify promotion service will make an impact. The song will likely be swept under the carpet. Nobody will know it exists. 

Even if you have a large following, it’s always wise to promote your latest release. Spotify premium promotion companies can help you with this, but you can also attempt to do it yourself if you have a lot of time on your hands!

Want to know how to promote music on Spotify? Here is some advice on tips on how to promote song on Spotify when planning your next release:

  • Build interest over a period of weeks prior to the release. This is a really obvious free Spotify promotion technique, but it’s really important to create a buzz around your new song before it’s even launched. 
  • This will ensure people will rush to stream/download it the second it’s available. Social media posts hinting at a new song are great, to begin with, but get boring really fast. Be creative. Share short clips of the chorus on Instagram stories and contact the music press for reviews. 
  • Utilise your mailing list. Hopefully, you’ve been building a large bank of emails when you gig. A fan’s email is one of the most valuable things they can give you. 
  • In a world of digital streaming, advertising and audio ads, sending a direct and personal email to each of your fans, telling them about your latest single really goes a long way. You’ll find fans engage with you more through email updates than they will from a simple Facebook post.  
  • Run a Pre-Save campaign on Spotify. Like Pre-Order campaigns of old, a pre-save campaign allows fans to order your song on streaming sites like Spotify. The second your track is released, it’s placed directly into a fan’s playlist of their choosing. A great way to boost your Spotify promotions and drive engagement on your Spotify account! 
  • Some pre-save campaigns use Spotify sign up promotion. This is where you request the fans’ email addresses before giving access to the pre-save, which is a powerful way to build that important mailing list! 
  • Boosting social media posts is a fantastic way to ensure fans see your content. Platforms like Facebook are always changing their algorithm. More often than not, only a small percentage of your fan base actually sees what you post online. 
  • Boosting posts can be a great way to ensure your fanbase sees what you have to say. If you’re posting about a new release, only promote the post to your current fanbase. You’ll receive more Spotify profile engagement from existing fans than you will from someone who has never heard of you. 
  • Update old YouTube video descriptions so they contain links to your new music. There’s nothing worse than discovering a new band but not having a clear path to hear their latest release. When you promote a Spotify song, make sure to update any links to your music that may exist. YouTube video descriptions are simply one of the most common and easiest to update!
  • We don’t recommend you buy Spotify plays, as free Spotify playlist promotion always works best. Check out this article explaining the reasons why real, organic Spotify promotion is the only way to go if you want your growth to be sustainable!
Spotify Promotion


TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform, especially among the younger demographics. With its current popularity, it would be wise to capitalise on the potential engagement. 

Like Instagram, TikTok allows you to embed music from Spotify into your posts. Maybe it’s worth contacting a few friends that use the platform and asking them to include your music in their videos. You never know, their TikTok could go viral, bringing your music with it!

Finding a Spotify Playlist Promotion Service

Spotify can make an artist overnight if your music is placed in the right playlist. That’s why so many are desperate to place their song in front of Spotify curators. The best thing about it is it’s very achievable if you follow the right steps in understanding how the Spotify algorithm works and moving with the music markets. When it comes to Spotify promotion free options can still help you.

My final piece of advice would be: Don’t rush your release. Take your time to plan every movement, every post. With Spotify song promotion you can utilise Facebook scheduler to schedule a month’s worth of posts in advance, each including a link to your Spotify account. Plan smart and creative ways of engaging fans to drive your Spotify engagement – stand out from the crowd!

Pitching your music for greater monthly listeners and reaching more professionals in the music industry has become a key strategy for running promotion campaigns for artists. There are so many opportunities to promote Spotify playlist account and music, so there’s no reason why you can’t reach larger audiences every day – and Music Gateway offers cheap Spotify promotion packages to suit every budget.

Get a Spotify promotion package! Getting help with music promotion services from Spotify promotion companies can help you on your way. Instead of cutting corners with questionable services like Fiverr Spotify promotion, get in touch with our experienced promotions team who will provide extensive advice on choosing a Spotify promotion, and can give you all the guidance you need to skyrocket your career and boost your Spotify!

The sky is your limit. Good luck!
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Will this be legit Spotify promotion? 

Absolutely! All our Spotify Promotion packages are built to provide the best results for each individual artist. We strongly advise against ever purchasing paid stream services as these can have an adverse effect on your presence on your Spotify artist promotion – and can even get you blacklisted.

How much is a Spotify promotion campaign?

We understand that every artist has different needs, so we tailor our packages on an individual basis, dependent on goals and budget, to make sure every artist gets exactly what they need. When you buy Spotify promotion services with MG you are guaranteed professional, fully managed and visible results.


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