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Ever found yourself asking ‘what key is this song in’ or ‘what is this song’s BPM’? We’re very happy to introduce Tunebat, a site that helps you answer those questions by allowing you to easily find the key of a song as well as its BPM and more. Read more about Tunebat and its latest addition ‘Vizfly’ below:

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Tunebat creates web apps used by music fans and creatives. Tunebat.com provides a database where users can browse millions of songs to find harmonic info such as key and BPM. Users can take advantage of Tunebat’s search and analysis algorithms to discover new music, and get insights about their own music.

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Vizfly.com is another web app owned by Tunebat. It makes it easy for music creators to get a killer video for every release. Vizfly has a simple, but powerful web-based video editor, and a speedy rendering engine that outputs videos very quickly. The videos can then be used to promote the creator’s music and distribute it on video platforms like YouTube.

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