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Rated the number-one radio station in the Los Angeles



United States of America, Los Angeles

Los Angeles' #1 Hit Music Station


KIIS-FM is a contemporary and commercial radio station that is located in Burbank, while the station transmitter is located in Los Angeles. The station is owned by a company called iHeartMedia, and is the flagship station for the radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest. 

They play all of the chart hits and this is why the station is so popular with listeners! The station is often ranked number one in the list of most popular radio stations in LA, and it averages one million listeners per week!

In this article we will take a look at what frequency you can listen to KIIS FM on, as well as looking at the history of the station, fun music events they host and so much more!

What Is KIIS-FM? 

102.7 KIIS-FM logo

So what actually is KIIS-FM? And what does KIIS-FM stand for? It doesn’t stand for anything actually, but it’s pronounced ‘Kiss fm.’ KIIS-FM is a radio station that operates using a Top 40 format, meaning that they play music from the Top 40 charts. This means that they mainly play dance music, pop, hip hop, R&B and sometimes remixes depending on what time of day it is. 

People love to tune into KIIS FM because they like to be in the know of what music is hot right now! So what’s the average listener demographic for this station? Well, it tends to be popular with people aged 18 to 34, but younger people also tune into the station to find out what artist or band has topped the charts that day!

Sound promising? Then go and check out the KIIS FM playlist! This way you can discover if this radio station will suit your musical tastes. Just go to their website and check out recently played. Some recent songs that have been played include Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles, Sugar by Maroon 5, Sucker by the Jonas Brothers, Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa and loads more!

What Frequency Is KIIS-FM On? 

car radio playing kiis fm

So how do you go about listening to KIIS-FM? There are lots of ways to listen to the show, the main one being the frequency of 102.7 KIIS on the standard analog transmission. It also broadcasts over two HD Radio channels, as well as streaming live online on their website. You can also listen in California on the frequency 105.5 FM. 

Not only can you listen live on their website online, but you can also play catch up on any of the recent shows you might have missed. This is ideal for all of you busy people out there who don’t have time to listen live! 

What’s more, they even have a whole collection of podcasts waiting for you online! Just head to the bottom of their homepage and click on the Find a Podcast option. You then get taken to the iHeartMedia page where they list the popular podcasts and separate them into different topics. There’s a huge range of fascinating topics, such as the Stuff You Should Know podcast presented by Josh and Chuck. They look into the world of random facts and cover things you should know about true crime, champagne, chaos theory and so much more! If that’s not up your street why not try a music podcast like the 27 Club or Dolly Parton’s America? 

History Of KIIS-FM

Let’s take a closer look behind the history of this extremely successful station. Fun fact: they weren’t always so successful! KIIS FM was struggling to gain a following when they were focusing on the adult contemporary genre. So they changed to the Top 40 format in 1976, then in 1978, they switched to disco music. They returned to the Top 40 format in 1980. They also had a spotlight on rock music until late 1979. When Rick Dees joined the station for its morning shows in 1981, the station shifted to a country music focus, however it returned to its Top 40 format again in 1985. 

In 1996 the station was acquired by the company now known as iHeartMedia. Rick Dees left the station In 2004 and his morning show was replaced by Ryan Seacrest’s Morning show that airs across many of iHeartMedia’s Top 40 format stations. 

KIIS FM was named the Station of the Year in the contemporary in 2007 category. In 2008 the station was named the second-highest revenue billing radio station, at $66.3 million. What’s more, in 2010 KIIS FM received an award for the Marconi award for CHR Station of the Year. This just goes to show how successful and popular the station has become!

Who Presents KIIS-FM?

recording studio microphone

So who presents the show? Well, that depends on the time of day and the type of show. There is a wide range of different presenters and hosts, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at an example of a full day’s schedule. 

Rubi kicks off your night by presenting KIIS-FM from 12 am through to 5 am. Then Ryan Seacrest presents the Morning Show from 5 am till 10 am. Sisanie then takes over from 10 am till 12 pm, and Raphel hosts your afternoon show until 4 pm. Then you’ve got Jesse Lozano taking you into the evening until 7 pm and JoJo Wright hosting from 7 pm to 10 pm. Are you a night owl? Then EJ will be keeping you company with all of the charts hits until 12 am! He will also play some remixes of your favourite songs. On all of the presenters’ shows they will play the hit chart music of the day, interview celebrities and musicians. They also provide you with news updates and all of the celebrity gossip! 

If you have a favourite presenter then you can go to the KIIS-FM website to check out the hosting schedule. This way you can listen to the station when you know that you will enjoy it most! You can see how to get in touch with your favourite presenter, should you wish to put in a request or ask them a question! Just look at their contact details section on the website. 

What Events Do 102.7 KIIS hold?

audience at a concert

KIIS-FM hosts many live events that you can attend, and they are all extremely popular! Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable ones. The KIIS FM jingle ball took place in 2019, and it was held at The Forum arena in California. Huge music artists took to the stage, such as Katy Perry, Sam Smith, Camila Cabello, Billie Eilish and many more! This is the station’s most popular and famous event, and they always attract a very large crowd. 

Another popular live event took place at the Honda Center in 2019. The Grammy-nominated artist, Post Malone played his Runaway Tour here. The performance also featured special guests Swae Lee and Tyla Yaweh.

KIIS-FM is also hosting some exciting upcoming events, however, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, some of them have been postponed with no set dates yet. Still, let’s take a look at what you can look forward to. The Lumineers are performing at the Staples Center and Harry Styles is performing at The Forum. Taylor Swift is at the SoFi Stadium and Maroon 5 at the Banc of California Stadium. They are joined by special guests Leon Bridges and Meghan Trainor. There are plenty more events to check out. If you want to learn more about them just head over to the KIIS-FM website.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it – everything that you need to know about the KIIS-FM radio station! As we have discovered, there’s an interesting history behind this station. It went through a lot of change in terms of musical genre, before finally settling on the popular Top 40 Chart format. 

If you enjoy chart music in the pop, R&B, dance and hip hop genres then you’ll love this station! And don’t panic if you don’t reside in LA, as you can always listen to KIIS-FM online. You have the choice of listening live or catching up on shows that you have missed! Plus there’s a selection of podcasts that you can listen to via their website. 

KIIS-FM also host many exciting live music events! They are particularly well-known for hosting the KIIS FM jingle ball to celebrate the run-up to the Christmas holidays. They have plenty of events coming up, so why not get saving and watch your favourite artist play live? There’s Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, The Lumineers and loads more! 

So what are you waiting for? Listen to the number-one hit radio show KIIS-FM today!

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