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Artist Interviews

Ginger & The Peppers – Music Video for ‘Out of Phase’

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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The Brazilian band release a stunning new video for their hit track ‘Out of Phase’.

Ginger & The Peppers have announced their glorious debut with the anthemic new single “Out Of Phase”. The release is set to put their stamp on the last part of 2022. The track features a colourful musical melting pot of thrashing drums, overdrive-soaked guitars and irresistible vocal lines. Originally a spontaneous guitar riff, the single showcases the band’s ability to transform off-the-cuff ideas into sing-along anthems. The track takes inspiration from modern life, and the journey we all are taking through it. 

Speaking about the release they say:

Our initial inspiration to write ‘Out of Phase’, and all of our songs, was our desire to create and express ourselves through music. From these first compositions, we started understanding how each song worked on representing something and making us individually feel certain emotions through it.” 

Formed in early 2020, Ginger & The Peppers are a rock band hailing from São Paulo. The band started very naturally, as all great bands do, just five friends passing the time by writing music together. However, their small musical project changed when they realised how music can touch and engage an audience. Quickly they all revealed that they shared the same desire to reach people through art and music, trying to make people feel reconnected with their innermost truth and beauty. 

Formed by Julia Dillon, guitarist Alê Masili, guitarist Paulo Gonzaga, bassist Itto Menezes and drummer J.P. Masella, they bring their own individual musical experiences to the table, forming their own unique and signature sound. What the band most wants to showcase is a true, diverse representation of modern rock, giving their audience inspiration and energy to help them introspectively. They intend to bring back Rock ‘N’ Roll, and we believe they’ll take it to the very top. 

Check out Ginger and the Peppers on Spotify.

‘Out of Phase’ – The Music Video
‘Out of Phase’ Cover


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