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Profiling Luis R Conriquez

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Luis R Conriquez

Luis R Conriquez is a Mexican-American musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his work in the genres of jazz, Latin, world, and classical music. He has released numerous albums and has performed in numerous concerts in the United States, Europe, and South America. 

Who Is Luis R Conriquez

He is also a prolific composer, having written works for symphonic orchestras, chamber ensembles, and solo instruments. Conriquez was born in Texas and grew up in Mexico. Luis began his musical studies at the age of five, learning classical guitar and piano. He went on to study at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico City, and later at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has since become a highly sought-after musician, performing and recording with a wide variety of artists.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Luis R Conriquez is a master of many instruments, including guitar, piano, bass, drums, and percussion. He is also an accomplished vocalist and has released several albums featuring his own compositions. His music is characterized by its intricate rhythms, complex harmonies, and passionate performances.


L R Conriquez

Luis R Conriquez has been honoured with numerous awards, including the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Fellowship, the Latin Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Album, and the Latin Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album

He has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music, such as Juanes, Alejandro Sanz and Mana. His music has been featured in films and television shows, including the Netflix series Narcos. Conriquez’s music is a reflection of his diverse background and his passion for creating meaningful music.

Luis R Conriquez’s style is a mix of traditional Latin sounds and modern production techniques, creating a unique and captivating sound. He continues to tour and record and has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center.

Where Can I Listen To Luis R Conriquez?

Listen to Conriquez’s music on Spotify here.

Follow him on Facebook here.

If you want to see him perform live, ticket information can be found here.

Luis R Conriquez – Live 2023

Luis is pleased to announce that he will be embarking on a world tour in 2023, where he will be performing his original music, as well as some of his favourite covers. Conriquez will also be visiting cities across the United States and around the world.

He is excited to share his music with fans and to make new connections with people from all walks of life and is looking forward to meeting and collaborating with other artists, producers, and music industry professionals.

The tour will kick off in April 2023 in Luis’ hometown of Los Angeles, California. From there, he will make my way across the United States, performing in cities such as New York, Chicago, Nashville, and Miami. He will then head overseas, visiting countries such as England, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

He is looking forward to this opportunity to share his music with the world and hopes to make new friends, learn from different cultures, and create unforgettable memories. He can’t wait to see you all at the shows!

Get your 2023 tickets here.


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