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Best Music Spotlight

Introducing Josh Caballes: New Wave R&B On The Rise

Photograph of the blog post author, Ryan Cahalin

Ryan Cahalin


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Who is Josh Caballes?

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Josh Caballes is finding his creative feet delivering a new sonic of R&B infusing elements of soul, pop, indie & r&b with a nostalgic twist. Earlier last year, Josh fully hit his stride with the release of his acclaimed single ‘SEARCHLIGHT (In Too Deep). Rooted in R&B, the song takes an innovative approach to the genre, setting a promising base for where he feels his artistry is heading. Directly inspired by the “rollercoaster of his life”, Josh’s artistry is honest, unfiltered & sincere.

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Today, Josh released the official music video for his latest release ‘MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO’. Speaking on the new release, Josh says:

You have to show a little skin in the game. I really feel like I’m putting myself emotionally forward in this track. Writing similar to my influences of John Mayer and Fleetwood Mac, I wanted to make song lyrics that were memorable yet straight to the point. At the end, I carry it away and bring that Michael energy to the song.

Watch the Official Video here:

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He later adds that he’s “here to make classics”. Admittedly placing himself somewhere between iconic and ironic, Josh Caballes is surfing a new wave and new sonic, gradually finding his own way in the heartstrings and headphones of the masses.


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