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Case Studies

Nadav Sivan – Us To Stop

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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Introducing our latest success story: an upcoming artist, Nadav Sivan who worked with us to promote his powerful new single, “Us To Stop.” In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how our team worked with the artist to bring his vision to life.

Nadav Sivan

Nadav Sivan, originally from a small village in northern Israel, began his classical piano training at age 5. As a teenager, he performed and competed extensively. In his early twenties, he relocated to Tel Aviv and explored new genres such as R&B, Gospel, Hip-hop, and Pop. Nadav balanced teaching piano with being a musical director for live shows. He featured prominent Israeli artists while touring the country with his band. He is well-regarded in Israel.

Nadav’s music encompasses various styles from energetic hip-hop-inspired tracks to emotional piano ballads. This includes electronic, soulful tunes as well as Middle Eastern influences.

In 2022, Nadav collaborated with producer Bigel in London to kickstart his global career by completing original songs at top studios there and performing two sold-out gigs. Currently dividing his time between the UK and Israel, Nadav is focused on expanding his social media presence worldwide. His EP is due to be released later this year through the British label Riverman Records.

During the campaign, our artist services managed two YouTube campaigns promoting the ‘Us To Stop Live Session’ followed by the stunningly shot and award-winning official video.

Us To Stop by Nadav Sivan 

“Us To Stop” is a heartfelt ballad blending hip-hop and soul elements. Nadav unveiled two renditions of the track – initially, a majestic live recording featuring 50 musicians, including a vast string orchestra, choir, and the Purple Gems band. The live version combines modern pop and R&B styles with classical music, reflecting the artist’s background as a classical pianist.

YouTube player

In the track, Nadav effectively communicates a tale of a complicated relationship, marked by struggles and obstacles, while also expressing the longing to maintain it due to enduring love. The message of which is enhanced by the official visuals.

YouTube player

Check out our results for the campaign below:

  • 44.7% growth in YouTube subscribers
  • 83K total views (50K for Live Session, 33K for official video)
  • Inclusion in 42 YouTube music video playlists
  • Track Music Awards Best Music Video winner for April 2023
  • Music Video Awards Best Performance
  • Winner of PRISMA Best Music Video
  • BIFF Sweden Finalist
  • Near Nazareth Festival Finalist
  • Stockholm City Film Festival Finalist


To conclude, it is evident that the upcoming artist has a bright future ahead of him. As he continues to work hard and hone his skills, we can expect to see him rise to greater heights and achieve even more success in the years to come. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist with his debut album expected later this year.


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