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Comments And Compliments On Dancing

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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Our top judges haven given out plenty of constructive comments on dancing. TeenStar hosts hundreds of aspiring singers and dancers in auditions across the country. We’ve collected feedback from the judges and now you can give compliments to dancers with our comments on dancing.

Complimenting a dancer involves more than commenting on their dance moves. Alongside giving constructive feedback, look out for more technical aspects of their performance. Also, comment on how they perform as well as how they sing. 

Judges seem to have a great knack for complimenting dancers whilst giving them constructive comments. Have a look at the TeenStar judge’s feedback from previous auditions, as well as who the brilliant judges are and what they do.

1. Comment on movement

The way a dancer moves is one of the most visible ways to assess their ability. You can comment on their movement by observing their flexibility, use of hands and fluidity from one move to the next. Another important aspect is how they convey a narrative through their dance. Connecting with a story is essential to give their movement context.

Judges comments

“Great ability and great flexibility, more of a contortionist, good use of stage.”

“Strong interpretation of the story through your movements and dance routine which was great.”

“You told a story which is admiring, using your hand gestures showed your confidence also.”

2. Comment on emotion

Like any art form, dance has to potential to elicit an emotional from the observer. This is what makes dance so amazing and a lack of emotion can ruin an otherwise great performance. It is hard to objectively observe emotion but you will know it when you see it. 

Judges comments

“A beautiful performance, very emotional and moving.”

“You have great charisma – please keep this, as this will distinguish you from other dancers.”

“You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, well done!”

3. Comment on expression

A dancer’s facial expression will help the demonstrate emotion in their performance. It will also allow them to express their own character and personality. Compliment them if they are also making eye contact. These kinds of expressions are the most obvious way to convey what the dancer is feeling to the audience, providing more context to their moves.

Judges comments

“You showed us great facial expressions, they matched with the music.”

“Lovely choreography and song choice, we love that you perform with your facial expressions as well – this is engaging for the audience.”

“Good energy and expression! Your facial expressions were great – it was very engaging to watch.”

4. Comment on energy

Dancing is a very physical art form and professionals need to be fit to be exceptional at it. Sustaining energy levels can be difficult, especially towards the end of a routine. Judges will always be impressed by a dancer giving everything from the first second to the last. Just be wary of technique slipping as tiredness creeps in.

Judges comments

“Great energy and 100% commitment to what you were doing.”

“Good energy and formations”

“Bags of energy and you looked great!”

5. Comment on image

The audience naturally makes judgements about a performer before they even get started. As soon as a dancer steps on the stage you will see what you look like and what they’re are wearing. An amazing outfit and costume will show that they are serious about dancing and that they are ready to go. First impressions count but also make sure that the costume compliments the dance.

Judges comments

“Super outfit to really make you stand out with your moves!”

“Nice image, it worked well for the routine.”

“Great costume and good commitment to the act, nice use of the stage and props.”

6. Comment on control

A dancer might have amazing movements prepared for their performance that are designed to blow the judges away. However, completely mastering the control of these movements is required to pull them off. Look for confidence and assertiveness as well as exceptional timing.

Judges comments

“Super timing between the girls and some super complexity in the routine.”

“Super control and sharp holds.”

“You performed visually well with good control.”

7. Comment on improvements

Constructive criticism should always be included because dancers need to know how to improve. Always include what they did well and how they can do better. This will show how much attention you’ve been paying to the details in their performance. If you can’t think of anything to improve on, ask them to challenge themselves and that you would like to see something more difficult.

Judges comments

“Would be good to see your progress even further and add in more complicated moves.”

“Your transitions between the moves need to be a little smoother, but this will come with practice.”

“Work on facial expressions, don’t let us see that you’re thinking about what you’re doing.”

“When you were all dancing together, you need to more coordinated and in time – this will come with practice”

“Great use of the stage space, but make sure your timing is perfect.”

“Try to vary up your moves a little more to make the performance even better.”

“Try to get down lower on the stage to greater the dynamics of the movements. Also, extend fully to finish all the moves.”

The judges

All of these comments have come from dancers performing in the TeenStar competition. We have a brilliant range of judges with decades of dance and performance experience between them. 

  • Jal Galbraith – Pauline Quirke Academy
  • Chris Grayston – Head of Future Productions and Music Consultant for Sony, Thames TV and Syco Entertainment
  • Jo Edwards – Stage Pro Academy
  • Karen Corson – Event Organiser
  • Dave Payne – Entertainment Consultant, Talent Scout and TeenStar producer
  • Kate Hollands – Pro Voice Studios
  • Roisin Mullins – Jacobs Leading Irish Dancer & Choreographer
  • Ros Fountain – Talent Scout and Event Organiser
  • Hayley Ostler – Pro singer/dancer and runs a Theatre School
  • Ryan Bishop – Cruise Director and previously supported Lemar
  • James Williams – Midlands Academy of Musical Theatre
  • Tru Powell – Aston Performing Arts Academy
  • Kim Mason – Incredibly Cool Events


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