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How To Start A Singing Career

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If you want to start a singing career then it is going to take a lot of work. Launching yourself into superstardom may seem like it could happen quickly but it takes years of work to be good enough.

You can begin your singing career by performing in open mics and gigs. You could also start by performing on stage for a musical theatre production. Alternatively, you could launch your own YouTube channel and grow followers online and become an influencer.

A career in singing isn’t easy and it is incredibly competitive. However, many people don’t make it because they give up. Have a look at what you can do and remember, stick with it, and follow your dream of being a famous singer. 

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I want to become a singer but I don’t know how to

Whatever your age is, the first step is usually the hardest to make. You may have always loved singing but only just considered it as a career. Or maybe you’ve been trying to make it for a while but you aren’t satisfied with your progress. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to become a professional singer right now. Hopefully, we can give you some insight into what you can do and what it takes.

How to start a singing career

  • Start singing
  • Start a singing career on YouTube
  • Practice and take lessons to become a good singer
  • Develop as a performer and entertainer
  • Get noticed as a singer
  • Get discovered by the music industry
  • Find paid work for singing
  • Become a singer-songwriter
  • Work hard

Starting a singing career age 11 and under

If you are aged 11 and under then you’ve got so much time to develop yourself as a singer. Many kids dream of being a famous singer when they grow up but it’s important to take your time when you’re only a child. The first thing you should focus on is learning to sing.

#1 Start singing

Listen to plenty of music, find out what you enjoy and start singing. There is plenty of time to develop your music taste but for now, singing will be much more enjoyable if you like the song. Loving music and singing is the best thing you can do at this stage as this love will fuel your purpose later on in life. Singing lessons may be good for children this young but make sure that they are enjoyable and not too strict. 

How to become a singer at age 12-17

You will hopefully begin to improve more as you get older. You might even be able to launch your career at this age and follow the likes of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. Definitely start looking at getting lessons now if you haven’t already as a singer can guide you through your development as a singer.

Be aware of changes in your body, especially for boys whose voices may be breaking. As your voice changes significantly, you will also need to learn to look after it. Start thinking about your diet and lifestyle and keep your voice as healthy as possible. Naturally, as you approach your teens, you’re also going start getting involved with social media.

#2 Start a singing career on YouTube

The most popular place to listen to music is YouTube, which is why many singers get their start here. For example, Justin Bieber and Jorja Smith both got their careers started through their videos on YouTube. You can give yourself a chance to be discovered, even if you’re just uploading covers.

To get started on YouTube, you need to create your own YouTube channel. We have some great advice on how to start your own channel and build your following.

#3 Practice and take lessons to become a good singer

Becoming a good singer takes a lot of time devoted to practice. However, it’s not just the amount of practice you put in. The quality of practice is also very important. For example, if you keep practising the same bad habits then they are going to be even harder to untrain down the line. 

Getting a great singing teacher can be a massive asset in helping you become a good singer. It could also reduce the amount of time it takes to improve. There are a lot of other things you can do, such as joining a choir or learning as much as you can from YouTube and other online platforms.

Is singing a natural-born talent?

There are always going to be some people who seem like they were born to sing. Some voices can develop more quickly at an earlier age for a variety of reasons. Some people might have parents that are singers or are exposed to singing at a much younger age. They might also naturally have some good technique, such as a more balanced resonance.

It is worth noting there are biological factors that could determine certain aspects of your ability, such as your range. This can be extended through training but some people, like Mariah Carey, will have their ability to sing a massive range of notes from a young age.

Can anyone become a good singer?

Whilst many great singers find their feet earlier on, this doesn’t mean that it’s an innate ability. We believe that anyone can become a great singer, regardless of your natural ability. The biggest thing holding people back is usually their confidence and, again, taking that first step.

Becoming a good singer can be learnt through good practice and coaching. Even though certain aspects like range may be naturally given, these aren’t always requirements to become a good singer. Many incredible singers have a limited range. Just listen to Amy Winehouse and hear how her songs rarely stretch over an octave. They don’t need to because she has such an incredible voice.

#4 Develop as a performer and entertainer

Becoming a good singer is one thing but becoming a famous singer is a completely different process. You need to also be an entertainer and performer. There are countless numbers of good singers out there that haven’t found fame. Some have tried and failed and some simply don’t want to be famous. If you are looking to find fame then you will need to work really hard or get really lucky.

There is no right way to become famous and it’s much hard to define what is really famous. For example, you can be really famous in musical theatre as a singer but unknown in other circles. Or you could be a massive celebrity who sings but isn’t really known for singing. Think about what type of fame you’re after and have a look who has found fame and how they did it.

How can I become famous quickly?

When people find fame, it can often appear as though it happens overnight. This can be the case as many artists are propelled from relative obscurity to the limelight very quickly. However, this doesn’t take into account the years of work that is required to get to this point.

Singers might want to find fame quickly but it takes a lot of work before it happens. Years of work go into their ability as a performer and potentially songwriter. On top of this, you need a strong core following that will support and promote you. Getting noticed in the music industry will also help but those connections aren’t built overnight.

How did Ariana Grande get famous?

Ariana Grande is one of the most famous singers in the world and is an interesting example of how singers can get famous. She started off on Broadway for a teenage musical theatre production called 13. Performing on Broadway requires strong technical ability as a singer and Ariana was obviously the best candidate for the role. 

She then got an opportunity to act on the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious, which exposed her to a massive youth audience. This combination of being a great technical vocal performer and acting regularly in front of a large televised audience is a great recipe for fame. After Victorious, she started a career as a recording artist and the rest is history.

#5 Get noticed as a singer

Not all singers are going to have a chance to get noticed in such a big way as Ariana Grande. However, musical theatre and acting is a common background for many singers. Even Drake was an actor before a singer. Musical theatre especially can give you an opportunity to improve as a singer and as a performer.

Whilst you could get noticed through stage productions, gigs and open mics are another great way to get attention. If you want to get discovered by people in the music industry then performing in the right places may be the way to go.

#6 Get discovered by the music industry

Record labels have teams of scouts that are always looking to discover new talent. This can be done in a variety of ways. One of the most common ways is through gigs and open mics as these scouts want to see what you are like as a live performer. However, many of these scouts are based in London so you have a much better shot in the capital.

Singers can also get discovered online through platforms like YouTube, as well as TikTok and Instagram. There is an increasing number of singers who find fame as an influencer and can use this to leverage their singing career. 

#7 Find paid work for singing

Singers will get paid in a variety of ways depending on their profession. For example, musical theatre singers will get paid for professional stage productions and will make money for the duration of the show run. This could anything from a few days to months. Singers can also get paid for gigs but rarely for open mics.

Another way singers can get paid is through their songs. Singers who write songs can make royalties through performing their songs, as well as getting their music streamed. You can get paid even more as an influencer with a big YouTube or social media channel. You can get paid endorsements and make money from views on your own videos, as well as from your songs that are featured on it.

#8 Become a singer-songwriter

Most singers that are looking for a career as a recording artist should start writing songs. In fact, many singers actually start out as songwriters and then become a complete singer-songwriter. For example, Jessie J would write for Miley Cyrus before she found fame as a singer. 

Becoming a singer-songwriter starts with writing songs. Start with keeping your songwriting simple. You could use a classic verse-chorus structure, basic chord changes and a catchy melody. From here you need to write lyrics. If you struggle with this part then try and find other songwriters that can help you.

The next thing you need to do is sing your songs. Get out there and either perform with keys or a guitar or find a musician to help you. Once you start performing with your own songs then you can officially call yourself a singer-songwriter!

#9 Work hard

The best singers work incredibly hard, not just as singers but as performers, entertainers and influencers. The top performers have to be incredibly healthy and physically fit, which takes a huge amount of work. Imagine touring stadiums where you’ll be covering a lot of ground on stage. You will have to be able to sing at the highest level after an hour of potentially dancing and running around on stage.

Getting into a position where you can pack out shows and rack up streams also requires a lot of hard work. You need to spend years developing yourself as a singer and performer. Growing a fan base and building the right network also takes a lot of time and hard work.

Is it good to sing every day?

It is good to spend a lot of time singing but you need to be aware of singing too much. Your vocal cords are sensitive and they can be damaged if you sing too much. Singing every day could cause damage, especially if you are practising for hours a day. It’s up to you to understand your voice and feel when it is getting overworked.

If you are doing short practices then you may be able to sing every day. However, if you are doing long practices or shows on a regular basis then you should probably break up your singing with resting days.

Who are your favourite singers and how did their careers get started? Tell us in the comments below!


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